Youth Exchange in Georgia

The Erasmus + Youth Exchange project “Create You (th) Side” that organised by Ireland based organisation ”Eurobug International Youth Work Training and Collaboration Ltd.” took place in Georgia, Surami with the participation of volunteers of the Youth Work Association came to the end.

The project gathered 36 young people from Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Georgia and Spain. During the Youth Exchange,  human rights, labeling, discrimination, hate speech, social justice were discussed by youngsters. At the same time youngsters had some parallel activities with the Council of Europe’s “No Hate Speech Movement” campaign.

The advance planning visit of the project was held in between 1-4th November. After all preparations that made by youth workers and youth leaders in APV, Youth Exchange took place in Georgia from 24th of November to 3rd of December. 3 youngsters 1 group leader as well as youth worker Ümüt AÇAR participated in project as Turkish Team.

Young people who acquired knowledge about ”Discrimination” and ”Labels” in scope of the project started to organize a similar activity in our Youth Work Association for the sustainability of their activities!

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