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Erasmus+ Training Course in Istanbul: Enterprise 101

Erasmus+ Training Course in Istanbul: Enterprise 101


We are happy to share results of our lately implemented project!

We have organized an International Training Course called “Enterprise 101 ” on 25-30 September 2019 with the project number 2018-3-TR01-KA105-061859 under the Erasmus+ Programme of European Union. Project was funded by Turkish National Agency. There were 11 partner organizations from 10 different countries and 38 youth workers and representatives from youth organizations in the project.

How was the distribution of tasks between partner countries and participating organizations:

Gençlik Çalışmaları Derneği, Turkey: Coordinator, Hosting Organization
CODEC, Belgium, Sending Organization
CHAMPIONS FACTORY, Bulgaria, Sending Organization
Paragraf International, France, Sending Organization
KOBIETY.LODZ.PL, Poland, Sending Organization
ARTE.M, Portugal, Sending Organization
Together Macedonia, North Makedonya, Sending Organization
NEOI ELLADOS SE EYROPAIKI DRASI, Greece, Sending Organization
SIMMETECHO, Greece, Sending Organization
EUROPEAN YOUTH CENTRE BRECLAV Z. S., Czech Republic, Sending Organization
ASSOCIACIO GLOBERS, Spain, Sending Organization

Aims and Objectives of the Project:

1) To create entrepreneurial abilities of the members
2) To furnish the members with data on the best way to create, approve and execute social entrepreneurial activities and undertakings.
3) To investigate viable methods for supporting NGOs set up social ventures, mulling over legitimate, budgetary, administration and social prerequisites.
4) To outfit the members with instruments and techniques on advancement entrepreneurial aptitudes among youngsters.
5) To grow new techniques and devices for social enterprises.
6) To furnish the members with the chance to trade understanding and aptitude in the field of social business enterprise.
7) To furnish the members with data about chances of the Erasmus+ Program and to help foundation of new organizations.
8) To create solidarity, advance resilience and encourage shared comprehension between individuals with various foundations through starting intercultural exchange amongs them and normal transnational tasks.

Task Distribution in the Project:

Mehmet ÇETİNKAYA and H. Şansel ÇETİNKAYA from Turkey, and Esmat ELSAYEED from France were the leading trainers, while Maxim Gaetan S. Vandekerckhove was an assistant trainer in the project. CPA. Hakan ÇOLAK served as the legal representative of the project. Engin OSKAN, İ. Halil ÇETİNKAYA, Mehmet Çetin KAPKAPCI supported the project as a logistics team. In the project, Mert DEMİR, founder and director of PithoTv, led the sessions from theory to practice entrepreneurship. In addition, Isaac Peral Villaverde from Spain has undertaken photography and media work in the project, and Nikola Ivanovski from Macedonia provided technical and content support.

Project Results:

– Participants developed new competencies in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship,
– Participants have mastered all business processes through detailed simulation of business plan preparation, implementation and cost calculations,
– Participants were informed and prepared about all administrative, financial and official transactions required in a business plan,
– Participants were encouraged for cooperation between young people and provided access to new networks in the field of entrepreneurship,
– Participants have worked on common tools to create their own business plans,
– Real market environment has been created for the participants to understand the concept of commercialization and trade and competitiveness skills have been developed in this field,
– Participants have detailed knowledge and skills about Erasmus + Opportunities,
– New collaborations have been established between participatory civil society and youth organizations and 7 new projects have been designed.

Apart from the project specific objectives, new friendships built up, cooperation between young people encouraged, future hate and war possibilities between nations prevented in a small group, international mobility tempted, mobility of young people were promoted, European ID and European values promoted and awareness on solidarity were raised up.

Some pictures from the project:


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