Whitepaper on Youthwork

Dear colleague,

In the last year and a half, we have been facilitating a process on the topic of “Recognition of youthwork/ers”, which aims to address the needs of the youth workers and organizations. It also addresses the challenges that they are facing and offers solutions for improving the working conditions for everyone that works in international context across Europe.

Attached below you can find the document called “Whitepaper on Youthwork” that has been created as a result of the process, which included a survey, networking and training event, and many meetings with relevant representatives from the youth sector.

The paper gives an overview on some of the challenges that youth workers are facing and it gives conclusions and recommendations on how to address those challenges.

We hereby invite you to get involved, advocate and contribute in the process and we are looking forward to receiving your opinion and input on these important issues for the youth workers in Europe.

Here you can download the Whitepaper

Kind regards,

NaturKultur team together with Youth Work Association

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