Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti (AGH)

Yiğit and Talar’s EVS Advanture (Monthly Report – August)

Hosting Organisation: Foundation for Creative Space and Development CampoSfera

Sending Organisation: Youth Work Association 

The Door to Europe – level 2

Monthly report – August 2018

The month of August was particularly eventful, as it was time when CampoSfera Foundation hosted 12 short-term volunteers at our premises. To start with long-term volunteers went to Woodstock Music Festival that is taking place in first weekend of August in Poland. It is unique event and volunteers were very happy to have a chance to be there. Once back in Klimontów some manual work was done. Volunteers prepared the school staircase to be painted in a colurful design that they prepared. As the building is old, it took a lot of tedious work to prepare walls for new look. This work had to be suspended at some point as we went for two workshops in villages further north from our normal location. As it was rather far away, volunteers stay there overnight and were taken for a visit to the National Landscape Park, were canoed through the river that crosses the Landscape Park. Later on a first aid course was delivered. The course consisted of learning and practicing recovery position, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, how to stop bleeding.

The second weekend of August was a time for a summer fest in Klimontów that was organized by CampoSfera Foundation. Volunteers prepared various decoration to make the place colourful and joyful. They also put a lot of attention into preparing several games and workshops to entertain kinds and adults during the event. They also organized a jolly parade that went through few villages near Klimontów. The reception of the event was very good and work of volunteers was appreciated by the local community. The day after the event was dedicated to cleaning up and evaluation of the event. At that point a big session of self-reflexion held by the mentor took place. Team work, myself, EVS and what’s after, as well as how to be a change were the subject they were working on. After such an intensive first part of the month volunteers had few days off.

Once back on track, we put our hand into preparing another festival, this time bigger, 2 days long regional alternative music festival. Volunteers adapted and improved the workshops and games so that they can use it during the event. We went to the festival location before it has started. There the second part of the first aid course was delivered. Later on volunteers decorated the whole festival area with decoration previously prepared and they created a set of colourful signs, maps and warning cartels that were spread around all the festival area. As the event started volunteers were divided into smaller groups that were working by the gate to the festival, at the backstage and at the camping area. The team were rotating so that everyone can see the whole picture. Volunteers were given T-shirts and walkie-talkie. Their presence was essential for safety, security and smooth development o the festival.

Last week of August we spent in Klimontów where evaluation of the festival took place. Volunteers went back to the task of re-painting the school staircase. Along with all this unique events three Play Days and two Sport Days were organized. The grand finale of the month was volunteers participation in the end of summer party organized by the municipality where CampoSfera volunteers led dancing activities for festin participants; they also performed at the stage in front of local crowd. In also days of the month evaluation, celebration as well as farewell parties for short-term project participant took place.

Pictures from the activities;