Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti (AGH)

Yiğit and Talar’s EVS Advanture (Monthly Report-September)

Hosting Organisation: Foundation for Creative Space and Development CampoSfera

Sending Organisation: Youth Work Association 

The Door to Europe – level 2

Monthly report – September 2018

September passed as a month of travel for every single volunteer at CampoSfera. Some people went to Turkey, others to Italy, other yet went back to visit their home countries. In between the time for travel we still managed to do a lot. As for regular activities 4 sport classes and 4 Play Days for kids and youth took place. We advanced work in the garden, having herbal spiral completed and many vegetables collected. We keep collecting and experimenting with own grow food. After hectic month of August we went back to the routine of baking bread at home and rely more on good we can produce ourself.

As school year has stared again we went back to conduct workshops and classes for youngsters. Volunteers conducted two workshops on tolerance in a primary school in S upia as well as ł one workshops in high-school in Jędrzejów. In the same school volunteers took part in an event celebrating international day of languages where they presented interesting facts on their respective languages. EVS volunteers also meet with school volunteering club, where they presented opportunities given by Erasmus+ programme.

Moreover we have visited befriended eco-farmers family where we had a chance to participate in harvesting potato, become friends with 4 cows, collect some fruits from the trees and share a meal with our hosts. Two weeks later we went to visit an ecolavender farm. There we were explained what can be produced from lavender and we had a chance to try some specialties. As we were helped on the farm we became friends with our host who invited us again.

Pictures from the activities;

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