Our trainers took role as participants in the training detailed below. Let’s take a look their experiences on workshops and the atmosphere of training.

Dates: 30.03.2017 – 07.04.2017

Place: Hohegeiß – Germany

Participants: Germany, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Belarus


Team Building

On the first day, we were seperated into 8 groups which would be working together during the following days. Each group made a name for themselves and this was the very first step of the team work soul. Slowly, we would get used to eachothers and analyze one another in order to be able to work with. At the end of this training, we all saw how perfectly we made it to work together in our small groups.


Public Speech and Presentation Skills

A good workshop cannot be without a good presentation! Therefore, we mentioned about presentation skills, tips, postures etc. Nedzad leaded us with his experiences and we tried to prepare presentations with specific topics that they gave us and presented them in 3 mins. This also let us managing time better.


Listening  Skills

Jim let us get connected each others without verbal connection, in order to listen more. We devided into our groups and took 20 min. in nature, walking, discovering and understandding each others without talking. This silence workshop was very inspiring.


Non-verbal Communication and Body Language

In this workshop we mentioned about how important body language is, and we practised about the 4 elements and adapted them to our postures and gestures. Amalia showed us how important those 4 elements in our non-verbal communication.


Future Projects

We specified subjects for future projects and devided into groups, we worked on it for a while. At the end, we created a project  and presented it.

Preparing Workshop

We all need to know the steps of preparing workshops. It includes many steps such as pre-workshop, during the workshop and after workshop. We mentioned all these steps and tips with Amalia in order to remember them once more, after this session we tried to create workhops about refugees with different groups in different period of workshops, it was pretty tough to combine all different ideas in one workshop which was created by previous groups. We all tried to adapt ourselves into different workshops.


Creating Workshops (teamwork)

We created a real workshop with our group members and performed it in 45 min. Everybody had different roles in here and we had to take care about time management as well. At the end of each workshop,  we were critised by trainers in details in order to see more in details.



During this training we all had a chance to improve our skills such as public speaking, presentation, self expression, listening, preparing workshops, teamwork considering group dynamics, time management etc. All of them was a step for us to become more efficient trainers. Training was very supportive, motivating, well-prepared and inspiring. The dinners of each country gave us a chance to know their cultures better and we were able to teach and learn from each others’ experiences during these dinners and free times.  The athmosphere was amazing, very friendly and fun, the energy of each trainer was at the top and they made us feel how they care about their job and us as well. It was pleasure to be a part of this training as there is still much to learn.


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