Mesut’s ESC Adventure in JugendService OÖ


I am Mesut Oruç and I am 29 years old. I came here from Turkey.

I currently live in Engelhartszell, a charming little town nestled by the Tuna River in the heart of nature. As it is a small town, it has some limitations in terms of facilities, but Invita Caritas provides many opportunities for us volunteers. On holidays, we can use the Caritas car.

Growing up in a village in my childhood, I didn’t have much difficulty adapting to village life. However, life here is different from Turkey. There are social and cultural differences and similarities. One significant difference is that in Turkey, markets are open until late every day. Here, markets generally close at 6 pm, or at 8 pm in larger cities, and they are completely closed on Sundays. Life here is calm, peaceful, more organized, and people adhere to the rules set by the government. ????

I work with individuals with physical and mental disabilities in a skills-based activity group here. I ensure that they stay engaged in various activities. I have a lot of fun working with them, making decoration items together, going for walks, cycling, creating wooden decorations, and making ceramic spheres. There are many industrial equipment at my workplace, and together we create various decorative items.

When I came here, I had some plans: getting to know new cultures, meeting people from different cultures, learning a new language, and stepping out of my comfort zone. I had the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world in the volunteer house and through activities here. I have traveled to different countries both alone and with friends. All of these experiences were fantastic for me.

One of the most challenging aspects for me was the language, as German is truly a difficult language. At the beginning, it was tough because most clients didn’t speak English. However, as I learned German, I overcame these challenges, but I am still continuing to learn German.

Being here is truly wonderful; everyone is very kind. Initially, I had hesitations about coming here. It seemed like a place that was completely different from everything, away from my family and my home country. However, after coming here, with the tolerance, politeness, and support shown by the people, this place has become a second home for me.

I want to thank the Caritas family for the opportunity they have given me. If I had another chance, I would like to be here again with good German skills.


Mesut ORUÇ