Avrupa Gönüllü Hizmeti (AGH), Genel

Melisa’nın, Almanya’da ADP (ESC) Proje Deneyimi

Melisa’nın, Almanya’da ADP (ESC) Proje Deneyimi

Hello, my name is Melissa. I have already gained a lot of experience in this adventure that I spent almost 3 months so far and I would like to share some of them briefly!

Each day of my mobility in Germany -which is a super green & eco country- is filled with new things, beneficial and beautiful. Although I am used to living in foreign countries till now, I think Germany was the country that I have been adapted the fastest! I feel myself at my 2nd home literally 🙂

Here, as a youth organization; I took part in roles such as exchange mobilities, project works, spending time with refugees, organizing stages in various events and gaining information of the administration processes of each department.

Apart from that, I traveled, I had the chance to make new friends and see cultures from all quarters 🙂 One of the most surprising aspects -the way positive- was that seeing the people here in Germany has quite well level of English compared to other European countries in general!

And apart from that, one of the biggest surprises -in a negative way- was facing with the lack of housing in the country in general and see how difficult finding an accommodation here is :’) But good news because now I got one in the end!!! :’)

Other important thing currently placed is ‘ESC on arrival meetings’ which took place during a week in another city close to the north. During workshops and seminars that we have had last week, I learned a lot from others and it was an amazing experience for me to see other point of views and have a chance to participate in an intercultural learning. The process was so effective and useful and during non-formal education, we also had a lot of fun. More than a formal learning, it was less serious and took part as open sessions usually so ıt wasn’t like ‘official seminars’.

Also since we were all members of youth & esc; we gained an international network which is not always easy to have 🙂 in case if you’d be an esc volunteer, I definitely suggest to all to take part in ıt sincerely!

I’m super pleased to join esc in my organization and also to had a chance to work with my coworkers that I spend the time happily and beneficial as well. I’m still excited about each new day like the first one and I suppose one more unforgettable milestone just added to my life without noticing it! 🙂