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ESC Volunteers Wanted from Poland!

ESC Volunteers Wanted from Poland!

Dear ESC Volunteer Candidate! Welcome!

If you have reached this page, you are interested in being our next volunteer in Mudanya, Türkiye! We are glad that you take the chance to step forward!


Here are the dates we offer: 

Opportunity 1: for 2 volunteers

Starting: 01/05/2023 (59 Days + 2 Days Travel)

Deadline: Application until 30/03/2023


Opportunity 2: for 2 volunteers

Starting: 01/09/2023 (59 Days + 2 Days Travel)

Deadline: Application until 30/07/2023


Expected Volunteer Profile:

Please check the below criteria if you are eligible to apply for this vacancy; if so, please continue reading!

  • You are from Poland or holding a valid residence permit in Poland.
  • You are 18-30 years old.
  • You can use ICT and social media tools actively.
  • You are good at content creation for social media (blog, video, photo etc.).
  • You speak B1 or more English.

If they are describing your profile, here is some extra criteria to be more specific;

  • Past volunteering experience is a plus
  • Past youth work experience is a plus
  • Experience in workshop facilitation is a plus
  • Speaking Turkish is a plus
  • Experience in photography and filmography is a plus


Activities We Offer:

  • Organising English speaking club (with the local youth)
  • Content creation for social media and website (blog, photo, video etc.)
  • Erasmus+ information meetings for young people
  • Participating in the organisation of social responsibility projects for local youth, children and women
  • Organisation and facilitation (if possible) of local youth workshops on the organisation’s working topics
  • Developing games and curriculum for workshops
  • Helping international partnerships and networking for future youth projects
  • Organising online youth information and e-learning sessions
  • Culture and arts activities with children, women and youth
  • Career planning and career management activities with young people
  • Art and Sports Activities with youth clubs (Short film, theatre, music, dance, swimming etc.)
  • Europass resume counselling with young people
  • Job Interview consultancy with young people
  • Improving Trainers’ skills and delivering some workshops online and face to face


Logistic and Financial Details

  • Will be shared with short-listed participants



If the profile mentioned above is matching with your profile, please apply to us as explained below;

  • Prepare your Europass CV in English
  • Write 2 paragraph Motivation Letter
    • First paragraph: What do you want to learn/get from this project?
    • Second paragraph: What can you give/contribute to the project?
  • Send your CV and ML to youthorgtr@gmail.com with an email titled “ESC 101 in Mudanya [Your Name]”
  • If you have any questions, ask them at the above email address.


Youth Work Association

ESC Hosting Team <3