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A Follow-Up Event Implemented in Spain “Virtual Reality: Extremism and Radicalisation”

The Spanish team had created a debate and debriefing based on the film ‘22 July’ which was watched during the project ‘Virtual reality: Extremism and Radicalization’ during 2-9 June 2021. We wanted to create awareness, spreading the word to other contexts as the educative area. That is why our selected target group were five teachers working in Spanish educational centres and schools.

The concepts that we wanted to have in the debriefing were Radicalization and Extremism and related them to the argument to the film. We decided to have that meeting online on 11th June by zoom, in order to facilitate the information and the access to the activity. The participants had already watched the film in advance to focus on the conversation that day. It was an interesting way to connect with people and go further with an Erasmus+ initiative.

We were talking about the news and different terrorist attacks as in New Zealand, France, Norway, Spain, etc. We were analyzing the profile of the people who can be radical. At the same time, we talked about how extremism implies violence usually while radicalisation can be to search the roots to have a real chance in the world. For example, radical feminism tackles the old and predominant patriarchy structures. Another topic was ‘where is the limit of the freedom of speech as a France magazine which did an illustration about Muhammad prophet in the Muslim religion, after that situation an extreme group did a terrorist attack and killed to the illustrator. Moreover, the repercussions of having one single terrorist act in a full collective are terrible. We mentioned the fear, politics and the importance of speaking out to not globalize or generalize a rare, religion, or group.

At the end, we did a summary of all the ideas of the activity and we ended it with a reflection; we need to learn how to prevent that situation, how education makes diversity a reality and how important it is to know more people to break stereotypes (Same idea that the film ‘American History X’, the protagonist ends with his racist ideas when he becomes a friend of black men in prison).

We are glad to have participated in this training course because it allowed us to continue learning and making others know about the topic.

Best wishes,
Spanish team


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